How to stage a home for sale

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Staging a home for sale is an important part of the home selling process. Every seller should consider staging their home to maximize the offers they will receive from potential buyers. Staging enhances the best features of a home and makes the home more visually appealing to every person who sets foot in the door. The following are the best tips on how to stage a home for sale:

Clean the home & appliances

Clean all appliances that are in the home and been remove grease and crumbs from the stove and oven. Clean the bathrooms entirely from top to bottom, including in between tiles and behind the toilet. The idea is to make the appliances shine and the interior of the home appear as new as possible.

De-clutter the home

Clutter causes the home to look smaller than it really is. It also makes the home appear as if it does not have sufficient storage space and distracts buyers from the finest selling points of the home. Closets are important features that buyers look for so do not put everything into the closet since buyers will want to see inside. Removing clutter is a universal instruction when homeowners ask for direction on how to stage a home for sale.

Remove personal items

Removing any personal items is important. The purchasers need to be able to see themselves living in the home and having any items that reflect the personality of the current owner or occupant might distract the buyer from capturing such a vision.


You may be immune to the smells in your home. Asking a friend of the family to assist with keeping the air clean and producing an inviting scent might be necessary. Homeowners who smoke in the house, have pets or who may have specific odors in the bathroom might not recognize how pungent they are. It is recommended that you bake something in the oven that has a pleasant aroma before potential buyers arrive such as cookies or something with cinnamon. In order to remove odors in the sink, may grind half of a lemon in the garbage disposal. Do not use commercial sprays in the bathroom to deodorize since it might make the bathroom smell like a hospital. Take out the trash and light a candle if that is what you prefer. Try to make the scent of the home warm, inviting and memorable.

Give each room a purpose

Every room should have its own purpose. This is important so that buyers can envision maximizing the square footage of the home. Any finished space can be turned into an office such as an attic or basement. The basement can also be used as a den, recreation room or entertainment room. This is important so that the buyer can envision how to best use this space.

Remove wallpaper and paint

Wallpaper is a personal choice and more likely than not the buyers will have their own preferences. Do not paint over the wallpaper – remove it and paint the walls. This is important because painting over wallpaper gives the appearance of unprofessional work and will make the buyer think about what they will need to do when they move in. When painting, use neutral colors and stay away from loud, bright tones.

Remove carpeting and linoleum flooring

Carpets easily stain, accumulate dust, dirt and pet hair and generally appear dirty. Linoleum is outdated and looks expensive. Hardwood floors are the way to go if possible. They are visually appealing and look expensive. This is something to keep in mind since some buyers have allergies and, even if the buyers do not intend to keep the hardwood floors, they can put down their own carpet over them easily. This is how to stage a home for sale

Let in the light

Make sure the blinds and curtains are open when the buyers are viewing the home. This will let in natural light and make the hall more inviting and look larger. Make sure to add any supplemental lighting wherever is necessary in the home. Replace broken light fixtures or outdated light fixtures. Dust, wash and clean the fixtures on the lights and remove any dead bugs.

Furniture arrangement

Furniture should fit the room and not clutter it. This will cause the room to appear smaller than it is. However, too little furniture will make the home appear uninviting and cold. Do not use cheap furniture when staging; consider renting furniture is an option to enhance the look of the home.

Ceilings and walls

Fix the cracks in the ceiling and the walls as buyers see these as red flags and possible problems with the home’s foundation. Fixing a faulty foundation is imperative but if it is sound, repair cracks around the home since they are unsightly and will cause unnecessary problems.

Curb appeal

The first appearance anyone sees is your home from the street when they pull up. Maintain your landscaping, remove weeds and clear the sidewalk and all walkways of dirt, leaves, debris and tree branches.

Finishing touches

On the day of your showing, air the home out at least 10-20 minutes before your potential buyers arrive. Consider having fresh cut flowers on display and make sure that you have properly-folded plush towels in each bathroom.

Now that you have learned how to stage a home for sale, you are certain to attract more buyers and higher offers. Staging a home for sale is an important step that many homeowners overlook, so if you take the time and put in the effort. Knowing how to stage your home for sale will make it stand out from the rest. In today’s competitive real estate market, that’s exactly what you are looking for.

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