The Programs You Should Take A Look At If You Want To Buy A Home


There are many home buyer programs out there, but only a few merit attention. Now, keep in mind, that these programs are not just for first-time home-buyers. Anyone is who is interested in buying a home can use this guide, but, first-time buyers are encouraged to take an especially close look at the following guide.

The Programs Most People Turn To First

The following programs are considered to be on a national level. That is why they are getting special attention.


You can buy a home for as little as 3.5%. The FHA works everyone, but, more importantly, they work with people who have very little money to spare and with lower than average credit scores.

The USDA Development Loans

Do you live in an area with 10,000 people or less? This loan option program could be a good deal for you. They work with residents that have a middle of the road income to low-income and poverty levels.

The VA Home Loan

The loans come directly from the Veteran’s Association. They help those who come from military families, partners of military personnel, and retired vets.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

These programs are sponsored by the government. They can help you get a loan for as little 3% down. That makes a big difference when it comes to St Petersburg real estate.

Some Other Programs That Might Be Good For Those Looking At St Petersburg Real Estate

Most of these are at the state and local level. They help those who otherwise might not qualify for one of the above programs due to income and other restrictions.

1) There is the forgivable loan or grant. They will give you the down payment back as a gift, and, it is not recored as a lien or loan.

2) A second mortgage. This will be in addition to the mortgage you are paying already.

How To Qualify

You can check with a housing counselor who comes free of charge. You can check your eligibility with a broker, real estate agent or the Down Payment Resources Department.

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